Beneficiaries of the Residence Card for Investors

1. Non-resident foreigners who intend to enter Spanish territory in order to make a significant capital investment may apply for a residence card for one year time.

2. Cases in which residence card will be delivered:

  • a) An initial investment by a value equal to or greater than:
    • Two million in Spanish Government Debt, or
    • One million euros in Shares or Shares in Spanish companies with a real business activity, or
    • One million euros in investment funds, close investment funds or risk funds established in Spain.
    • One million euros in bank deposits in Spanish banks.
  • b) The acquisition of properties in Spain with an investment of at less 500.000,00 euros (€ 500.000,00) per applicant.
  • c) A business plan that will be developed in Spain and considered as of general interest, for which compliance with at least one of the following conditions will be required:
    • 1st – Creating jobs.
    • 2nd – Making an investment with relevant socio-economic impact in the geographical area in which it activity will be developed.
    • 3rd – Significant contribution to the scientific and / or technological innovation.

3. It is also understood that the Golden Visa applicant has made a significant capital investment when the investment is carried out by a legal person (Society of any type) domiciled in a non Tax Haven territory according to the Spanish Law.

4. If the investment is carried out by a marriage in community of property system, and the amount does not rise at least twice the thresholds it will be supposed to have been made by one spouse, the other spouse may apply a residence visa as a family member.

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