Investment Property


If you buy a property in Spain, we offer the following services:


1. Drafting, translation into English and / or supervision of purchase contracts and all kind of documents.
2. Application of statements to the Estates record office in order to verify that the property has no charges.
3. Constant and direct communication about the process of the purchase.
4. Analysis and Study of Mortgage or Loan options for the purchase.
5. Drafting and supervision of the Public Purchase Tittle Deed.
6. Proceedings to obtain the NIE number.
7. Signing of electricity and water contracts on your behalf.
8. Application of a telephone line (if you wish so).
9. Entry of your property in the records of the Municipality for the future payment of Local Rates and Garbage collection rates.
10. Debiting of charges on your account for payment of electricity, water and telephone bills and local taxes, garbage fee and fees of the homeowners association .
11. Notification in writing of the obligation to submit the Annual Wealth and Income Tax declarations in due time, the first year.


Also, you have to consider that if you buy a property in Spain, you will have to pay other expenses: Notary fees, Registration and proceeding fees, VAT, Stamp Duty, Water, Electricity and Telephone Connections fees, Insurance and Valuation Survey (the last one, only in case that you apply for a mortgage). Our fees do not include all those expenses, but we will arrange free of charge all the paperwork connected with them.  In Spain, once you own a property, you are bound to pay the Wealth and Income Tax every year. We also offer our clients an extra service of submiting their Tax declarations. If you are interested on that service, please ask for more information.

On the other hand, if you require any other legal services ( not related to Real Estate Law), you may contact us to get more information about our services and fees.

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